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Formal Invitations to Bid (over $25,000)
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Request for Information

Paper Request for Information

RFI No.DescriptionPreBidOpen DateBuyerStatusAddendum
56-16Selling, Leasing and Development of County Land 09/27/2016 BARBARA AWARDED YES
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Request for Proposals

Paper Proposals

RFP No.DescriptionPreBidOpen DateBuyerStatusAddendum
40-21Design-Build Services 07/13/2021 KATELYN ACTIVE
39-21Snow and Ice Removal 07/06/2021 KATELYN ACTIVE YES
38-21Night Vision Equipment 06/29/2021 BARBARA ACTIVE
34-21Floatation and Dock Replacement 06/22/2021 KATELYN ACTIVE YES
27-21Food Services 06/16/2021 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
32-21Posting Notice of Foreclosures 06/01/2021 CRAIG ACTIVE YES
29-21Banquet Space 06/01/2021 KATELYN UNDER EVALUATION
25-21Inmate Transport and Security Services 05/25/2021 KATELYN UNDER EVALUATION YES
15-21Pre-Employment Physical Examinations 05/18/2021 KATELYN UNDER EVALUATION YES
19-21Law Enforcement Patrol Video 05/18/2021 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
14-21Homeless Services 04/13/2021 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
10-21Lease of Office Space 04/07/2021 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
8-21Commissary Services 03/23/2021 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
6-21Bleachers 02/23/2021 KATELYN AWARDED
4-21Cloud Based Application Software 01/26/2021 KATELYN AWARDED YES
1-21Auditing Services 01/12/2021 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
62-20Vehicle Rental Services 11/24/2020 KATELYN AWARDED
61-20Cloud Based Application Software 11/17/2020 KATELYN REBID YES
45-20Armored Car Services 11/10/2020 KEITH CANCELED YES
56-20Hay or Crop Leases 11/10/2020 KATELYN AWARDED YES
58-20Policy Management Software 11/10/2020 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
60-20Inmate Tracking System 11/10/2020 BARBARA ACTIVE
49-20Rebranding Services 10/20/2020 KATELYN AWARDED YES
48-20Oral Fluid Testing 10/06/2020 KATELYN AWARDED YES
42-20Lenel Systems Software and Hardware 09/29/2020 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
38-20Urinalysis Testing 09/15/2020 KATELYN CANCELED YES
32-20WAN Systems 09/15/2020 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
24-20Cafeteria Plan 09/01/2020 KEITH AWARDED YES
15-20Asset Management Software 07/14/2020 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
13-20Facility Condition Assessment YES 06/23/2020 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
11-20Mental Health Services 04/21/2020 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
14-20Actuarial Services 04/07/2020 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
4-20Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment 03/10/2020 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
6-20Professional Valuation Services 03/10/2020 BARBARA ACTIVE
3-20State Legislative Lobbying Services 03/03/2020 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
2-20Reassessment Services 02/25/2020 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
1-20CAMA System 02/25/2020 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
69-19Maintenance of Assessment Records 01/28/2020 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
64-19Banquest Space 12/03/2019 BARBARA ACTIVE
66-19Camera Survelliance System 12/03/2019 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
PW08-19Design Build Services Electrical and Water Lines 11/26/2019 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
63-19Policy Management Software 11/26/2019 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
54-19Leased Office Space 11/05/2019 KATIE ACTIVE
51-19Real Estate Appraisal Services 10/08/2019 BARBARA ACTIVE
48-19Elevator Repairs 09/24/2019 BARBARA ACTIVE
46-19Broker For Property Insurance 09/03/2019 KATIE ACTIVE YES
38-19Design Build Services for Wall 08/13/2019 BARBARA ACTIVE
42-19Real Estate Appraisers 08/06/2019 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
37-19Marketing Services 07/23/2019 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
27-19Group Dental Insurance 07/09/2019 KATIE ACTIVE YES
25-19Elevator Restoration YES 07/02/2019 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
26-19Group Health Insurance 06/25/2019 KATIE ACTIVE YES
31-19Armored Car Services 06/18/2019 KATIE ACTIVE YES
23-19Pavement Condition Assessment 06/11/2019 KATIE ACTIVE YES
34-19Real Estate Appraisers 06/11/2019 BARBARA ACTIVE
17-19Owners Representative Services 05/14/2019 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
21-19Leased Office Space 05/14/2019 BARBARA ACTIVE
18-19Leased Office Space 04/30/2019 KATIE ACTIVE
20-19Community Engagement Consultant Services 04/23/2019 BARBARA ACTIVE
14-19Title Services 04/16/2019 BARBARA ACTIVE
11-19Meeting Space for Prosecutors 04/09/2019 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
5-19Two ATMs 02/26/2019 KATIE ACTIVE YES
03-19Urinalysis testing 02/12/2019 CRAIG ACTIVE YES
68-18Real Estate Auctioneer Services YES 11/27/2018 KATIE ACTIVE YES
70-18Temp Personnel Services 11/13/2018 CRAIG ACTIVE YES
64-18Access Control Consulting Services YES 10/30/2018 KATIE ACTIVE YES
54-18Grant Management Software 10/23/2018 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
65-18Bond Counsel 10/23/2018 BARBARA ACTIVE
57-18Banquet Space for Volunteer Dinner 10/16/2018 BARBARA ACTIVE
62-18Broker for Worker's Comp & Excess Liability 10/16/2018 KATIE ACTIVE YES
55-18Compensation Study Services 10/09/2018 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
51-18Banking Services 10/02/2018 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
59-18food Pass Cuff Port Retrofit 10/02/2018 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
53-18Online Food Handler Training Program 09/25/2018 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
58-18Lockbox Services 09/25/2018 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
52-18Re-Roofing of EJCCH YES 09/25/2018 KATIE ACTIVE YES
41-18Food Pass Cuff Port Retrofit 08/07/2018 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
37-18Elevator Maintenance YES 08/07/2018 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
39-18Abandoned Housing Services 07/17/2018 BARBARA ACTIVE
38-18Community Outreach Services 07/17/2018 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
30-18Real Estate Appraisers 06/05/2018 BARBARA ACTIVE
27-18Forensic Toxicology Services 06/05/2018 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
19-18Medical Care for Inmates YES 05/03/2018 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
8-18Agriculture Lease Program 03/06/2018 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
86-17Combat Treatment 02/27/2018 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
88-17Combat Grant Match 02/27/2018 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
87-17Combat Prevention 02/27/2018 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
100-17100-17 Armored Car Services 02/06/2018 KATIE AWARDED YES
92-17Housing Resource Services 01/30/2018 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
99-17Legal Process Services 01/23/2018 KYLE ACTIVE YES
96-17Polygraph Examinations 01/09/2018 BARBARA ACTIVE
95-17Transport and Security 01/02/2018 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
78-17Vehicle Liability Insurance 11/21/2017 KATIE ACTIVE YES
79-17Polygraph Examinations 11/14/2017 BARBARA ACTIVE
83-17Design and Construction of Memorial Wall 11/14/2017 BARBARA ACTIVE
65-17Job Training and Related Soft Skills 10/17/2017 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
74-17Banquet Services for Volunteer Banquet 10/10/2017 BARBARA ACTIVE
72-17Group and Supplemental Life Insurance 10/10/2017 KATIE AWARDED YES
62-1762-17 Community Engagement Consultant Services 09/26/2017 KATIE CANCELED YES
63-17Inmate Transportation and Security Services 09/19/2017 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
66-17Pre-Employment Psychological Evaluations 09/19/2017 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
32-17Monitoring Services 09/19/2017 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
54-17Animal Shelter Management YES 09/12/2017 UNDER EVALUATION
61-17Accounting Software 09/12/2017 KYLE AWARDED YES
48-17Adminitrative Services for Workers Comp 08/08/2017 KATIE AWARDED YES
49-17Banking Services Childrens Service Fund 08/08/2017 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
41-17Repair and Level Floors 07/25/2017 BARBARA ACTIVE
31-17High Speed Internet YES 07/11/2017 KYLE AWARDED YES
35-17Restorative Justice Program Services 06/27/2017 BARBARA ACTIVE
39-17Victim Witness Support Services 06/27/2017 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
29-17Office Supplies & Equipment 06/20/2017 KYLE AWARDED YES
12-17Elevator Consultant 03/21/2017 BARBARA ACTIVE
13-17Leased Office Space 03/14/2017 BARBARA ACTIVE
7-17Facility Condition Assessment 02/28/2017 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
85-16COMBAT Treatment 01/20/2017 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
59-16Agriculture Leasing YES 12/20/2016 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
71-16Inmate Telephone Services YES 12/06/2016 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
69-16Auditing Services 11/08/2016 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
60-16Banquet Space 11/08/2016 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
70-16Plumbing Upgrade YES 11/08/2016 KATIE CANCELED YES
72-16Oblique Photography Services 11/04/2016 KYLE AWARDED YES
25-16Shade Canopy Structures (Design, Fab, Construction, Installation) YES 09/13/2016 KATIE AWARDED YES
53-16Treatment Services 08/23/2016 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
48-16Group Medical Coverage 07/26/2016 KATIE AWARDED YES
49-16Group Dental Coverage 07/26/2016 KATIE AWARDED YES
44-16Avaya Maintenance, Service, Monitoring and Upgrades 07/05/2016 BARBARA UNDER EVALUATION YES
29-16Marketing Services 05/10/2016 BARBARA UNDER EVALUATION YES
17-16Employment Barrier Program 04/05/2016 BARBARA UNDER EVALUATION
16-16Youth Violence Reduction Program 04/05/2016 KATIE AWARDED YES
11-16Pre-Employment Physicals, Drug Testing Srvs 04/05/2016 KATIE AWARDED
14-16Meeting Space 03/22/2016 BARBARA UNDER EVALUATION
12-16Urinalysis for Population Control 03/08/2016 BARBARA UNDER EVALUATION YES
1-16Real Property Auctioneer Services YES 02/16/2016 KATIE AWARDED YES
4-16Medical Dental Pharmaceutical Services YES 02/16/2016 BARBARA UNDER EVALUATION YES
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Request for Qualifications

Paper Qualifications

RFQ No.DescriptionPreBidOpen DateBuyerStatusAddendum
41-21On Call Architectural Services 07/06/2021 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
17-21Legal Counsel for Chapter 6 04/27/2021 BARBARA ACTIVE
5-21Outside Legal Services 02/09/2021 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
54-20Architect and Engineering Design Services 11/03/2020 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
47-20Domestic Violence Services 10/13/2020 BARBARA ACTIVE
40-20Trail Design and Engineering Services 09/22/2020 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
34-20Underwriting Services 09/08/2020 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
16-20Accounting and Audit Services 06/16/2020 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
71-19Executive Recruiting Services 01/28/2020 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
62-19Domestic Violence Services 11/26/2019 BARBARA ACTIVE
30-19Mediation Services 07/30/2019 BARBARA ACTIVE
29-19Outside Legal Counsel 07/30/2019 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
19-19Communtiy Engagement Program Monitor 05/21/2019 KATIE ACTIVE YES
24-19Repurposing of Stadium Seats YES 05/21/2019 KATIE ACTIVE YES
9-19Trail Planning and Design Services 04/02/2019 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
10-19Architectural Planning and Design 04/02/2019 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
69-18Transitional Housing Services 11/13/2018 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
66-18Financial Advisory Services 10/23/2018 BARBARA ACTIVE
63-18Auditing Services for COMBAT 10/16/2018 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
56-18Domestic Violence Services 10/09/2018 BARBARA ACTIVE
44-18Professional Survey Services 08/14/2018 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
11-18Geotechnical Engineering Services 04/03/2018 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
94-17Criminal Justice Consultant 01/09/2018 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
73-17Domestic Violence Services 10/10/2017 BARBARA AWARDED
11-17Real Property Advisory Services 06/20/2017 BARBARA AWARDED YES
28-17Executive Recruiting Services 06/20/2017 BARBARA AWARDED
10-17Marketing Services for County Real Estate 04/11/2017 BARBARA AWARDED YES
3-17Video Productions Services 01/26/2017 BARBARA AWARDED YES
67-16Domestic Violence Services 11/01/2016 BARBARA AWARDED
61-16Performance Evaluation for Department of Corrections 10/11/2016 BARBARA AWARDED YES
47-16Professional Survey Services for Rock Island Rail Corridor 07/12/2016 KATIE AWARDED YES
18-16Financial Advisory Services 03/15/2016 BARBARA AWARDED
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Electronic Qualifications

None at this time.
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Formal Invitations to Bid (over $25,000)

Paper Bids

Bid No.DescriptionPreBidOpen DateBuyerStatusAddendum
37-21Jon Boats 06/29/2021 CRAIG ACTIVE
31-21Park Alarm Monitoring 06/29/2021 KATELYN ACTIVE YES
36-21Aggregate Material - Sand 06/16/2021 KEITH ACTIVE YES
22-21CASE Equipment Parks & Service 05/25/2021 KEITH ACTIVE
24-21Petroleum Products 05/25/2021 KEITH UNDER EVALUATION
28-21Traffic Signal Maintenance 05/25/2021 KATELYN AWARDED
23-21Aggregate Material (Sand) 05/18/2021 KEITH CANCELED
21-21Lumber & Building Materials 05/18/2021 KEITH ACTIVE
18-21Optics w/ Trade-in 05/04/2021 KATELYN UNDER EVALUATION YES
16-21Auto Truck motorcycle Maint & Repair Svc 04/27/2021 KEITH UNDER EVALUATION
13-21Heavy Equip Maint & Repair Service 04/20/2021 KEITH UNDER EVALUATION
12-21Safety Equipment and Supplies 04/13/2021 KATELYN AWARDED
9-21Re-Roofing Park Structures 03/16/2021 KATELYN AWARDED YES
7-21Concessions 03/09/2021 CRAIG ACTIVE YES
50-20Roofing Services 02/23/2021 KEITH AWARDED
3-21Lighting Systems 02/02/2021 BARBARA UNDER EVALUATION YES
2-21Bleachers 01/26/2021 KATELYN REBID YES
55-20Water Testing Services 12/22/2020 KEITH AWARDED YES
66-20Advertising Land Tax Suits and Sales 12/01/2020 KATELYN AWARDED YES
64-20Inmate Clothing 12/01/2020 KATELYN AWARDED YES
67-20Special Events Rental Equipment 12/01/2020 KATELYN AWARDED
68-20Windham Weaponry 12/01/2020 KATELYN CANCELED YES
57-20Uniform Rental Service 11/24/2020 KATELYN AWARDED YES
65-20Plumbing Services 11/24/2020 KATELYN AWARDED
63-20Doors and Restroom Parts 11/17/2020 KATELYN AWARDED YES
53-20Traffic Signs and Supplies 11/10/2020 KEITH AWARDED YES
59-20Windham Weaponry 11/10/2020 KATELYN REBID
37-20Pipes and Plumbing Supplies 10/27/2020 KEITH AWARDED
51-20Asphaltic Concrete 10/27/2020 KEITH AWARDED
52-20Doors & Restroom Parts 10/20/2020 KATELYN REBID
46-20Tire Removal 10/06/2020 KATELYN AWARDED
41-20Janitorial Supplies 09/22/2020 KATELYN AWARDED YES
30-20Auto Truck Parts (Non Dealer) 09/22/2020 KEITH AWARDED
44-20Mat Rental 09/15/2020 CRAIG ACTIVE
36-20Yard Waste Removal Services 09/08/2020 KATELYN AWARDED
29-20Softball Field Light Maintenance 09/08/2020 KEITH AWARDED YES
27-20Laundry Chemicals 09/08/2020 KEITH AWARDED
33-20Office Furniture 09/01/2020 BARBARA AWARDED YES
26-20Fuel Dispensing Equipment 08/25/2020 BARBARA AWARDED
28-20HVAC Parts 08/25/2020 KEITH AWARDED YES
25-20Roofing Services 08/18/2020 KEITH CANCELED YES
18-20Weaspons with Trade In of Existing Weapons 08/18/2020 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
21-20Liquid Asphalt 08/14/2020 BARBARA AWARDED
23-20Coffee Services 08/11/2020 BARBARA AWARDED YES
19-20Tilt Skillet and Electric Food Sllicer 07/21/2020 CRAIG ACTIVE YES
17-20Employee Service Pins 07/14/2020 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
12-20Trash Compactor 04/14/2020 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
9-20Pull Behind Finish Mower 03/24/2020 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
10-20Golf Course Chemicals 03/24/2020 KEITH AWARDED YES
8-20Pontoon and Patrol Boats 03/17/2020 BARBARA ACTIVE
7-20Metal Shade Structure 03/17/2020 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
5-20Re-Roofing Park Structures 03/10/2020 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
65-19Pontoon Upholstery Repair Services 12/03/2019 BARBARA ACTIVE
60-19Fencing Installation and Repair 11/26/2019 BARBARA ACTIVE
44-19Glazing Services 11/26/2019 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
61-19Repair of Guardrails 11/19/2019 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
58-19Rebid Uniform Rental Service 11/19/2019 KATIE ACTIVE
56-19Electrical Services 11/05/2019 KATIE ACTIVE
55-19Vending Services 11/05/2019 BARBARA ACTIVE
NO. 28-19Leased Copiers 10/29/2019 CRAIG ACTIVE YES
52-19Hydraulic Systems 10/22/2019 KATIE ACTIVE
53-19T-Shirts and Wearing Apparel 10/15/2019 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
49-19Uniform Rental Service 10/08/2019 KATIE ACTIVE
50-19Flotating Structure Maintenance 10/01/2019 BARBARA ACTIVE
47-19Pull Behind Mower 09/17/2019 KATIE ACTIVE
43-19Park Ranger Uniforms 09/03/2019 KATIE ACTIVE
45-19Metal Shelter House 09/03/2019 KATIE ACTIVE YES
39-19Landscaping Services 07/16/2019 KATIE ACTIVE
41-19Marine Supplies For Resale 07/16/2019 KATIE ACTIVE
40-19Concrete Work Curbing Repairs 07/16/2019 BARBARA ACTIVE
36-19PWC Pads with Trade-In 07/02/2019 KATIE ACTIVE
35-19Landfill or Collection Center Services 06/25/2019 KATIE ACTIVE
32-19Heavy Equipment Rental 06/18/2019 KATIE ACTIVE
33-19Seasonal Bus Transportation 06/18/2019 KATIE ACTIVE
22-19Herbicide 05/21/2019 KATIE ACTIVE YES
16-19Sludge Removal Services 04/23/2019 KATIE ACTIVE
15-19Heavy Equipment Rental 04/23/2019 KATIE REBID
12-19Four Pontoon Boats 04/09/2019 KATIE ACTIVE YES
8-19Live Bait 04/02/2019 KATIE ACTIVE
2-19Printing and Mailing Assessment Notices 03/26/2019 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
7-19Re-Roofing of Park Structures 03/26/2019 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
6-19Golf Course Chemicals 03/05/2019 KATIE AWARDED
4-19Unmanned Aircraft Systems 02/19/2019 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
1-19LP GAS 02/12/2019 KATIE ACTIVE YES
67-18Grading and Earthwork Services 10/30/2018 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
61-18Floatation Replacement 10/09/2018 BARBARA ACTIVE
60-18Two Dodge Ram 5500 Trucks - Rebid 10/02/2018 KATIE ACTIVE YES
45-18Shade Structure for Dock YES 09/04/2018 CRAIG ACTIVE YES
50-18Park Site Furniture 08/28/2018 KATIE UNDER EVALUATION YES
46-18Re-Roofing of Park Structures 08/28/2018 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
47-18Steel Products 08/28/2018 KATIE AWARDED
42-18Two Dodge Ram 5500 08/14/2018 KATIE REBID
43-18Parking Lot Management 08/14/2018 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
40-18Sheriff's Uniforms - Rebid 07/31/2018 KATIE UNDER EVALUATION YES
36-18Printing Stationary, Business Cards 07/17/2018 KATIE UNDER EVALUATION YES
35-18Trash Truck 07/10/2018 KATIE UNDER EVALUATION YES
34-18Trailer Maintenance and Repair 07/10/2018 KATIE AWARDED
33-18Holiday Lighting 07/03/2018 KATIE AWARDED YES
31-18Park Operations Turf Chemicals 06/19/2018 KATIE AWARDED
32-18Rifles with Trade-In 06/19/2018 KATIE AWARDED YES
29-18Specialty Tools 06/12/2018 KATIE AWARDED
26-18Stainless Steel Countertops YES 06/12/2018 KATIE UNDER EVALUATION YES
28-18Body Armor, Police Supplies and Equipment 06/05/2018 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
25-18Trailer Maintenance and Repair 05/29/2018 KATIE REBID
24-18Water Testing Services 05/22/2018 KATIE AWARDED YES
20-18Dishwasher Lease and Chemicals 05/15/2018 KATIE AWARDED YES
16-18Fencing Materials and Installation 05/15/2018 KATIE REBID YES
23-18Security Officer Services - Parks + Rec 05/01/2018 KYLE REBID YES
21-18Carnival Apparatus and DJ Services 05/01/2018 KATIE AWARDED
22-18Ammunition 05/01/2018 BARBARA ACTIVE
18-18Shredding Services 05/01/2018 KYLE AWARDED YES
15-18Shade Structures 04/10/2018 KYLE ACTIVE
13-18Softball Field Light Maintenance 04/03/2018 KATIE AWARDED YES
12-18Horse Stall Cleaning 04/03/2018 KATIE CANCELED YES
6-18Carpet Installation 03/27/2018 KYLE ACTIVE
14-18Lawn Maintenance Equipment 03/27/2018 BARBARA ACTIVE
10-18Animal Food and Agricultural Supplies 03/20/2018 BARBARA ACTIVE
9-18Picnic Tables 03/13/2018 KYLE ACTIVE
7-18Asbestos Abatement Services 03/13/2018 KATIE AWARDED
5-18Welding Gas Service and Supplies 03/06/2018 KATIE AWARDED
2-18Security Officer Services - Parks + Rec 02/20/2018 KYLE ACTIVE YES
3-18Golf Course Chemicals & Fertilizer 02/20/2018 KATIE AWARDED
4-18Roofing Services 02/20/2018 KATIE AWARDED YES
1-181-18 Sheriff's Uniforms 02/06/2018 KATIE CANCELED YES
98-17HVAC Services 01/23/2018 KATIE AWARDED YES
93-17Microfilming Services 01/09/2018 KYLE AWARDED YES
91-17Laundry Chemicals 01/09/2018 KATIE AWARDED YES
90-17Windshield Repair and Replacement 12/05/2017 KATIE AWARDED
77-17Mattresses Bedding and Linens 11/21/2017 KATIE AWARDED YES
84-17Paint and Painting Supplies 11/14/2017 KATIE AWARDED
82-17Calcium Chloride and Rock Salt 11/14/2017 KATIE AWARDED YES
76-17Welding Gas Service and Supply 10/31/2017 KATIE REBID
70-17Bottled Water Services 10/24/2017 KYLE AWARDED
80-17Picnic Tables 10/24/2017 KYLE AWARDED YES
69-17Locker Room Remodel YES 10/17/2017 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
75-17Generator Services 10/10/2017 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
68-17Ready-Mix Concrete 10/10/2017 KATIE AWARDED
71-17Transcription Services 10/10/2017 KATIE AWARDED YES
67-17Grass Seed 10/03/2017 KATIE AWARDED
64-17Printing & Mailing of Tax Bills 09/26/2017 KYLE AWARDED YES
51-17General Contracting Services 09/12/2017 BARBARA UNDER EVALUATION YES
60-17Towing Services 09/05/2017 KATIE AWARDED YES
52-17Security Cameras and Servicing YES 08/29/2017 KYLE AWARDED YES
57-17Security Officer Services 08/29/2017 KYLE AWARDED YES
59-17Ballistic Helmets and Accessories 08/29/2017 KATIE AWARDED YES
58-17HVAC Filters 08/29/2017 KATIE AWARDED
47-17Exterior Signage YES 08/15/2017 KATIE UNDER EVALUATION YES
37-17Clean Up and Removal of Storm Debris YES 08/08/2017 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
46-17Playground Safety Surfacing 08/01/2017 KATIE AWARDED YES
45-17Resale of Sundry & Novelty Items 07/25/2017 KYLE AWARDED
42-17Re-Roofing Park Structures YES 07/25/2017 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
38-17Yard Waste Removal Services 07/11/2017 BARBARA ACTIVE
36-17Ballistic Helmets and Accessories 07/11/2017 KATIE REBID YES
40-17Batting Cage Tunnels 07/05/2017 KYLE AWARDED YES
18-17Ice Cream 06/27/2017 KYLE AWARDED
30-17Trash Removal Services 06/27/2017 KATIE UNDER EVALUATION YES
33-17Laundry Equipment Maintenance 06/20/2017 KATIE AWARDED YES
27-17Misc Printing for DOC 06/06/2017 KATIE REBID YES
25-17Pump Maintenance Services 05/30/2017 BARBARA ACTIVE
24-17Body Transport Services 05/23/2017 BARBARA ACTIVE
22-17Picnic Tables 05/23/2017 KYLE AWARDED
17-17Leasing of Ice Machines 04/18/2017 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
16-17Pontoon Boats 04/11/2017 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
14-17Locksmith Services 04/04/2017 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
15-17Pipe and Plumbing Supplies 04/04/2017 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
8-17Remodel of Walk-In Cooler 02/28/2017 BARBARA ACTIVE
9-17Boat Dock and Flotation Replacement 02/28/2017 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
4-17Skid Mounted Right-of-Way Sprayer 02/21/2017 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
5-17Pest Control Services 02/21/2017 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
6-17Portable Toilet Rental 02/21/2017 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
83-16Food Service Management DOC YES 02/21/2017 KYLE AWARDED YES
2-17Bulk Livestock Feed 02/14/2017 KATIE AWARDED YES
1-17General Contractor Services 02/07/2017 KATIE AWARDED YES
76-16Mobile, On-Call Phlebotomy Services 01/31/2017 KYLE AWARDED
88-16Heavy Construction Equipment: Parts, Maint & Repair Srvc 01/31/2017 KATIE ACTIVE
84-16Fire Suppression Systems Maintenance, Repair & Parts YES 01/24/2017 KATIE ACTIVE YES
87-16Weapons with Trade-In of Existing Weapons 01/24/2017 KATIE ACTIVE YES
80-16Chemicals & Fertilizers 01/10/2017 KATIE UNDER EVALUATION
81-16Aggregate Material (Sand) 01/10/2017 KATIE UNDER EVALUATION
79-16Bridge Maintenance Products 01/10/2017 KATIE AWARDED
77-16Liebert Maintenance 01/03/2017 KYLE AWARDED YES
78-16Golf Course Chemicals & Fertilizers 01/03/2017 KATIE ACTIVE
62-16Smart Glass Window Film 11/22/2016 KYLE AWARDED
75-16Bush Hog Boom Mowers 11/22/2016 KATIE AWARDED
74-16Advertising of Delinquent Land Tax Petitions & Foreclosure Sales 11/22/2016 KATIE AWARDED YES
73-16Armored Car Service 11/15/2016 KATIE AWARDED YES
64-16Fire Pump and Main Alarm YES 11/08/2016 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
66-16Replication of Wood Doors YES 11/01/2016 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
68-16Parking Space Rental 11/01/2016 BARBARA ACTIVE
63-16Body Bags 10/18/2016 KATIE AWARDED YES
58-16Electric Services 09/13/2016 KATIE AWARDED YES
57-16Body Bags 09/13/2016 KATIE REBID YES
55-16Removal of Yard Waste Services 08/30/2016 BARBARA ACTIVE
54-16Crushed Rock 08/16/2016 KATIE AWARDED
52-16Parking Spaces 08/09/2016 BARBARA ACTIVE
50-16Purchase of Weapons with Trade-In of Existing Weapons 08/02/2016 BARBARA REBID YES
51-16Park Alarm Monitoring & "As Needed" Maintenance & Repair 07/19/2016 KATIE AWARDED
46-16Office Equipment As Needed Hourly Repair 07/19/2016 KYLE AWARDED YES
36-16Glazing Services 07/12/2016 KYLE AWARDED
45-16Softball Dugout Canvas YES 07/12/2016 KYLE AWARDED
41-16T-Shirts & Wearing Apparel 07/12/2016 BARBARA ACTIVE YES
42-16HVAC Parts 07/12/2016 KATIE AWARDED YES
40-16Aluminum Softball Benches 06/28/2016 KYLE AWARDED
37-16Bluegrass & Zoysia Sod 06/21/2016 KATIE AWARDED YES
38-16Golf Course Equipment Parts & Repair Service 06/21/2016 KATIE AWARDED
34-16Emergency Sewer Repair; Public, Storm & Culvert Cleanout Srvc. 06/14/2016 KATIE AWARDED
39-16Park Alarm Monitoring, Maintenance & Repair 06/14/2016 KATIE REBID
35-16Electric Services 06/14/2016 KATIE REBID YES
33-16Marine Motor Service, Repair & Parts 06/07/2016 KATIE AWARDED
31-16Parks Alarm Monitoring YES 05/24/2016 KATIE REBID YES
30-16Case Equipment Parts & Service 05/10/2016 KATIE AWARDED
21-164th of July Outdoor Stage 05/03/2016 KYLE AWARDED YES
28-16Picnic Tables 05/03/2016 KYLE AWARDED YES
26-16Security Officers 04/26/2016 BARBARA UNDER EVALUATION
24-16Petroleum Products 04/26/2016 KATIE AWARDED YES
23-16Kitchen Equipment: Maintenance, Repair & Parts YES 04/26/2016 KATIE AWARDED YES
27-16Safety Equipment & Supplies 04/26/2016 KATIE AWARDED YES
22-16Ammunition 04/19/2016 BARBARA UNDER EVALUATION YES
20-16Picnic Shelter Grills 04/19/2016 KYLE AWARDED
15-16Disposable Inmate Clothing 04/12/2016 KYLE AWARDED YES
19-16Chemicals & Fertilizers 04/05/2016 KATIE AWARDED YES
13-16Traffic Signal Maintenance 03/22/2016 KATIE AWARDED
10-16Corrections Uniforms 03/15/2016 KATIE AWARDED YES
3-16Security Officer Services 03/08/2016 KYLE AWARDED YES
8-16Softball Field Light Maintenance 03/08/2016 KATIE AWARDED YES
9-16Elevator Maintenance and Repair 03/08/2016 BARBARA UNDER EVALUATION
6-16Auto & Truck Maintenance and Repair Services 02/23/2016 KATIE AWARDED YES
5-16Scanning Services 02/16/2016 KATIE AWARDED YES
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Electronic Bids

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Request for Quotations ($5000 - $25,000)

Paper Quote Requests

Quote No.DescriptionPreBidOpen DateBuyerStatusAddendum
Q112Swimming Pool Maintenance 03/17/2020 BARBARA ACTIVE
Q112Plat Scanners 10/30/2019 CRAIG ACTIVE
Q111Swimming Pool Maintenance 05/07/2019 KATIE ACTIVE
Q110Minnow Tank 04/03/2019 KATIE ACTIVE
Q109Vertiflow Pumps 10/30/2018 BARBARA ACTIVE
Q106Range Golf Balls 03/02/2018 KYLE ACTIVE
Q105"Make Your Day Here" Brochure 02/09/2018 KYLE ACTIVE YES
Q104Basketball Goals 11/03/2017 KYLE AWARDED
Q103Printing of Charter Booklets 11/03/2017 KYLE AWARDED
Q100Spam Filtering Solution 07/28/2016 BARBARA AWARDED
Q99Fun Guide Brochure 04/05/2016 KYLE AWARDED YES
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Electronic Quote Requests

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