Jackson County Assessment Department
2019 Informal Review Request Form


Please note: the Informal Review Request filing period ended on June 24th. Informal Review Requests can no longer be accepted on this web application or by telephone.
If you have previously filed a review request online you may sign-in to this system and view or print your confirmation.

You will need to enter the Parcel Number and PIN that appear at the top of the Reassessment Notice you recently received in the mail in order to log in to this program.

An informal review request using this program can be filed online by completing and submitting the online form in accordance with the prompts and instructions. Following proper submission, a confirmation page will appear that may be printed for your records and for use in submission of documentation supporting the informal review request, as discussed below under “IMPORTANT NOTES”. That supporting documentation may be submitted via:

  1. email to InformalReview@JacksonGov.org; OR
  2. Facsimile to 816-881-1403; OR
  3. United States Postal Service or hand delivery to:
    Jackson County Assessment Department
    Taxpayer Assistance Unit
    415 E. 12th Street, Suite 104
    Kansas City, MO 64106.


  1. Supporting Documentation: In order for supporting documentation to be considered in connection with an informal review request filed online:
    a. The “Supporting documents will be submitted” button must be selected in the online form;
    b. The parcel number must appear at the top of each page of the supporting documentation:
    c. The supporting documentation must be received by the Jackson County Assessment Department within 72 hours or, on or before June 24, 2019, whichever is sooner; and
    d. The supporting documentation must be accompanied by a copy of the online submission confirmation page.
  2. Notice of Decision: The online form requires entry (and confirmation) of a valid email address for the owner where notice of the Assessment Department’s decision will be sent. Such email will be the only means of delivery of the notice unless the decision is an increase in value, in which case, notice also will be sent to the owner’s last known mailing address on the Assessment Department’s records.